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Introducing the

panda pop up trailer


It is a folding solid sided trailer based caravan.

It simply folds up from a funky trailer to form a funky caravan.

It is narrower than a small car when in trailer form and is super

light, less than 600k! Any vehicle over 800cc can tow it with

ease and it falls into the lowest trailer category so anyone with

a licence can tow it.

You forget its there when towing both in the way your car

handles when towing and when you fill up with fuel.

When you get where you want to go, just unhook it and wheel

it exactly where you want it, its easy to put up, a great way to

start a holiday, you will have it up on your own within a


When you are done, fold it down, hook it on, drive home(don’t

forget its there!) and pop it back in the garage or that unused

bit of space in the garden and go plan your next expedition.

Don’t worry, no tax insurance MOT etc to waste your time and


I have a bachelors degree from Southampton Institute

(Warsash Campus) in Leisure and Coastal Management

and a Masters degree(Msc) in Surveying with Land and

Environmental Management from Exeter University

(Cambourne Campus). I very much enjoyed learning

about these subjects and have applied the knowledge I

gained from my studies wherever necessary within my

work and social life.

In particular I benefited from some great teachers

during my masters degree with regard to business

management, finance, H+S, legal requirements and

critical path analysis which I have and will continue to

utilise throughout this project.

I need to better understand the Tax, Accounting and

finance side of successfully running a sales and

production activity as opposed to operating as a self

employed, service based activity.

However, I am not convinced it would be cost effective

it may be a better idea to employ the services of

someone more expert in these areas rather than

investing too much  time learning the intricates of them.



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