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Introducing the

panda pop up trailer


The concept of a trailer based folding caravan

is not a new one.


There have been many versions dating back to the

turn of the twentieth century.


The Panda Pop Up Trailer is the latest reincarnation

of a fantastically easy, practical and fun way to

experience and enjoy the great outdoors.


The Panda Pop Up Trailer is stored and towed in its

folded down enclosed and weatherproof trailer form.

When you get to where you are going the Panda simply

unfolds into a comfortable and weatherproof caravan

that easily sleeps two adults and two kids.

I have a bachelors degree from Southampton Institute

(Warsash Campus) in Leisure and Coastal Management

and a Masters degree(Msc) in Surveying with Land and

Environmental Management from Exeter University

(Cambourne Campus). I very much enjoyed learning

about these subjects and have applied the knowledge I

gained from my studies wherever necessary within my

work and social life.

In particular I benefited from some great teachers

during my masters degree with regard to business

management, finance, H+S, legal requirements and

critical path analysis which I have and will continue to

utilise throughout this project.



The Panda Pop up Trailer began life as doodles on the back of envelopes and has somehow become the product you see before you.


The seed was planted nearly four years ago with the purchase of an old 1960’s trailer caravan. I responded to an advert in the local paper mainly because I had no idea what a folding caravan was and I ended up buying it.


After several great adventures with family and friends I saw what a great compromise this type of vehicle offered. It was so easy to tow with my small car with none of the usual caravan issues and provided very comfortable and civilised camping.


I never had a long queue of traffic behind me and I could go anywhere my little car could. When we got home I could just wheel it into the garden or put it in the garage if (rarely!) there was space.


When I started my obsession, like the guy with mashed potato mountains in close encounters, I was constantly designing and re designing my version. My daughter (puzzled as to why I wasn't telling her to stop kicking the ball in the house) looked over my shoulder at my latest sketches and said “daddy it looks like a Panda.” Panda Pop up trailers was born!


I had no choice really, I had no previous direct experience or training in Design, Manufacture, Marketing, Business or Sales and very little capital but saw no reason to stop my doodling.


I met a fine fellow who is a fantastic boat builder and a GRP genius who to my surprise, was happy and able to work from my scribbles and descriptions to create the panels and moulds. I would turn up at his workshop with bits of pipe for templates to get the curves and look I wanted. It then became a case of “I have started so I will finish.”


It has been an unforgettable process and Serendipity has played a huge part with all of the great folk who have become involved (dragged kicking and screaming!) in this journey. It would not have happened without the right people helping me.


We think it is a great product that will provide years of cheap, hassle free, fun and adventure and we hope you like it as much as we do.